Playing For Change.
Posted on 3rd July 2018

There is a wonderful music program run by some truly great people in Thailand. It is a music school started by two young women in 2012 in Khlong Toey, a slum area in Bangkok. It brings joy and some hope into the lives of kids who have none of the things we take for granted in our everyday lives. I spent a short time there doing some volunteer teaching and can personally guarantee every cent raised goes toward the school.

The school has attracted some support from the Playing For Change Foundation, who have produced a short video. Watch it and weep better still, watch it and donate!

Playing For Change Khlong Toey Music Program.

As the Foundation says: Perhaps music education won't change the world but for one child the world will change forever.

For CD purchase or download, click on the Music tab. 50% of all future CD sales will go to the program.